PORT-BAG.. Leader in storage, a world brand

PORT-BAG is a leading brand that has been offering solutions to the requirements of the sector by prioritising quality, cost and customer satisfaction and that is in a continuous renovation and change in the plastic storage sector for a period of more than 30 years.

PORTBAG is one of the sectoral leaders that exports 90% of its annual sales to more than 70 countries all over the world and that meets with end users through both large wholesalers and large construction markets and shopping chains at home.   


Işık Kalıp was established for mould designing and manufacturing in İzmir in 1971.Having supported all renowned large companies of our country on mould designing and manufacturing for many years, our company has made a name for itself in the sector in a short time through successful projects it achieved during this period.
As a result of the quality and fast service which it provides, our company has combined its knowledge on moulding through the guidance from its customers with the injection process and started to carry out the mass production of the moulds it manufactures in the plastic injection department which it established in its organisation.

Having designed the very first plastic tool box in Turkey Having designed the very first plastic tool box in Turkey in 1990, it started to manufacture storage equipment and achieved to identify the brand PORT-BAG with the plastic tool box.

Having extended its product range through this enterprise which led to great repercussions in the domestic market in a short time, our company started to export its products to various countries in 1993 as a result of the changing and improving market conditions.
Having moved to the Atatürk Organised Industrial Site
Having moved to the Atatürk Organised Industrial Site in 2001, Işık Kalıp started to operate at the production plant where it is now operating in 2004 in order to satisfy the customer requirements due to the increase in both its machine pool and the number of moulds.


Choosing quality as a target for itself at all times, our company makes efforts to use proper materials, equipment and work force both in product designing and in production processes and to generate optimum solutions to customer requirements with our experience build-up that has occurred during may years.

Having certified these efforts with an ISO 9001-2000 certificate in May 2002, our company has enhanced both its product and service quality from day to day during the period elapsing since then. It has certified its improvement on the matter by obtaining an ISO 9001:2015 certificate in May 2019.


Our factory is operating with fully automated plastic injection machines and production equipment of the state-of-the-art technology in an 8000 m2indoors area on a site with a total area of 10.000 m2.
Carrying out production with raw materials and materials used at world standards, our company operates in the light of minimum costs, optimum efficiency, best quality fast delivery schedule and better environment awareness with its plastic processing capacity of 300 tons/month and its qualified staff members who are specialised in their own respective areas.

It is a reliable producer that can respond to customer requirements in a faster and more regular manner with the ERP system and product traceability which has started to be used throughout the whole system since 2008 besides the knowledge and experience it has obtained during many year. Considering the customer and market requirements, we can achieve special product / colour / packaging requests of our customers in the fastest, most economical and quality manner besides our standard productions in the projects of our customers.

Our company whose commercial social compliance initiatives are continuously subject to inspections under BSCI / Sedex / ICS by our overseas customers has been taking its place as a compliant and workable manufacturer under the relevant standards since 2013.
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All raw materials used n production are tested in such issues as
PAH – Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbon
SVHC – Reach Regulation
Dimethyl fumarate
etc. and certified as not harmful for human health by internationally accredited laboratories.
On the other hand, our company that has been using pre-consumption recovered plastic raw materials in its products at a high rate for many years serves the consciousness of a better and liveable environment in this respect.
All wastes generated during production and after sales are tracked and disposed as per the relevant regulations or recovered for the economy.